About Me

About Me

“In a world full of spiritual self-help teachers who are either feeding your ego,
nourishing their own, or asking you to be less of Who You Really Are,
Sera Beak is a refreshingly disruptive breath of light.”
- Lissa Rankin, bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine

Sera Beak sitting on a tree

I’m a woman whose life circumstances have allowed me to dive deep into my Soul and share my findings with others.

My privilege is a responsibility that I take seriously.

I’ve been called a “Soul Igniter” because my work celebrates and reignites our divine humanity. I’ve also been called a “Soul Whisperer” because I am able to intuitively sense Souls and instinctually know how to reconnect a human with their Soul in a natural, embodied, and beloved way that respects and reinforces their sovereignty.

While Soul Igniting and Soul Whispering describe some of what I do, the Celtic phrase Anam Cara, which means “Soul Friend,” feels more like who I am. I am a Friend to your Soul and to all Souls, including the Divine Feminine Soul and Divine Masculine Soul of this Universe. It is my greatest honor to support you in deepening these Divine Relationships.

“Sera Beak is the real raw deal.
The consequence of encountering her,
in person, or through her glorious books,

is that the intensity of your connection
to your own divinity turns on
 and turns up
to a luscious new volume.”
- Regena Thomashauer, creatrix of
Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts.

Soul Support

Reconnecting with and embodying our Soul is a courageous calling, a mysterious (and sometimes maddening) journey, a stranger-than-fiction experience, a painfully beautiful work of art, and a revolutionary act of Love. While it is a unique and individual process, we all benefit from authentic support.

My books offer fiery inspiration, integral information, robust reminders, potent transmissions, and are a helluvalotta fun to read (Well, Redvelations is a bit more serious); my private Soul Fire Sessions provide sometimes necessary personal attention and support; and my retreats are where the direct transformational experience happens, or as one participant stated, “some seriously wild shit went down, y’all.”

If you are interested in working with me and you identify as a woman, please apply to attend my annual Soul Fire retreat. Women must attend this special retreat first if they want to participate in my online Soul Space and attend more advanced retreats like Soul Sanctuary. If you are a man (or a woman who wants to dip her toe in first), please attend a Soul Saturation retreat. Or, invite me to come to your community and offer a Soul Saturation retreat.

Sera is a catalyst, an alchemist, a Soul Whisperer. She knows how to build a container, golden threads weaving souls and humans and the land and our experiences into something mind-blowingly bigger than the sum of its parts, into something alive and dynamic and organic and exquisite and perfect and just fucking get-down-on-your-knees humbling.”
– Pam, Soul Fire and Soul Sanctuary retreat participant

Here’s a bit more about me…

Ever since I was a child I’ve had a passion for spirituality and traveled around the world studying and exploring this fascinating subject.

I finished graduate school at Harvard in comparative world religions with a focus on mysticism and wrote my first book, The Red Book: A Deliciously Unorthodox Approach to Igniting Your Divine Spark for young modern women who I felt had been left out of the world’s wisdom traditions. I soon received a second book deal and was interviewed and referred to as “a new role model” for my generation in the New York Times. I directed and starred in a documentary film about young female spiritual activists and received many promising and lucrative offers.

I felt like I was on mission.

But in 2009, during an interview with the remarkable Jungian analyst, Marion Woodman, I abruptly woke up to the fact that despite my spiritual studies, experiences, and professional success, I had lost my Soul. I also realized that if I did not find and embody my missing Soul, I could not effectively contribute to this planet, nor could I continue living.

So I let go of my professional career, pulled away from my social life and entered the wildly mysterious, painfully beautiful, stranger-than-fiction, and hard-as-f*ck process of embodying my Soul and becoming human.

A lot has happened during this decade-long intensive process, much of which I write about in Red Hot and Holy: A Heretic’s Love Story - where I remembered and reclaimed Who I Am as a Distinct Divine Red Soul, and in Redvelations: A Soul’s Journey to Becoming Human - where I remembered and reclaimed the forgotten daughter of Jesus and Magdalene as the lost part of my own human soul.

If your eyebrows have raised or you want to close this web page now, I understand. I have no interest in convincing or converting, and you are welcome to interpret my experiences however you wish. What’s more important than believing in my Soul’s reality is getting up close and personal with your Soul’s reality and doing whatever it takes to bring all of you Home.

While my Incarnational process might be more unusual than some, the unfortunate reality is that Soul loss is an epidemic on this planet, even and perhaps especially afflicting those of us who have done a tremendous amount of psychological work and spiritual practice. In fact, some of the most overlooked and paradoxical ways we lose our Soul is through religion and spirituality.

Soul loss isn’t just a spiritual metaphor, a psychological perspective, or something we might learn about through shamanism. Nor is Soul loss only due to an accident, abuse, trauma, an oppressive job, an unhealthy relationship, or bypassing our humanity.

For me, Soul loss also describes the disconnection humans have to their Distinct Divine Being, the repression of their Organic Nature, and their separation from True Love.

This disconnection from our Soul is an underlying reason why this planet is in such dire shape. Soul loss is behind many global issues we face, including: injustice (whether political, religious, or social), violence, disease, excess consumerism, and the ever-growing environmental crisis.

Unfortunately, due to the dire conditions on this planet, Soul work has become a privilege, and therefore a responsibility.

Soul work provides us with the courage, strength, and stamina to do what is right not only for ourselves, but for others, which is why I believe that Soul work is a form of activism. In fact, Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. often referred to their powerful work in the world as Soul Force. While my work is different than the work of these great leaders, I’m committed to putting my Soul work into action.

Put simply: Soul work takes us inward, so we can be more effective outward.

All of this is why I’m devoted to embodying my own Soul and supporting others as they remember, reclaim, and embody their unique Souls through and my books, retreats, talks, and private sessions.

Because the truth is, when we know

Who We Are
Where We Come From
Why We Are Here,

we become unstoppable
in the name

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