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“What you're about to read in this book will change everything. Everything you've been told to be truth. I want to tell you how it will change your life, your perspective, the way you view your entire experience on earth. I want to tell you how your cells will rearrange as you're reading it because a deep healing will take place. But honestly, all you really need to know is that when you read this book, a soaked-in-red-wine and all things whole-y truth will reveal herself to you, because it's time. In the name of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Sarah, it's time.”
- Lisa Lister, author of Love Your Lady Landscape

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“What do you get when you combine a weird, hip angel of a thirty-something woman, advanced training in the study of religion, laugh-out-loud writing, God as Girl, and a direct encounter with cosmic soul no longer “tricked into a tradition”? You get Sera Beak. You get this book, which is really not a book at all, but a living revelation, an American Gnostic gospel posing as a spiritual memoir.” 
- Jeffrey J. Kripal, author of Authors of the Impossible: The Paranormal and the Sacred

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Red Hot and Holy

“Every so often there comes our way a glorious chunk of life so utterly unique that even the jaded blink twice. The Red Book is just such a chunk, gloriously dropped out of the mind of Sera Beak as a special message for today's contemporary woman in the language of just such a woman, placing before us the wisdom of the ages.  From gentle meditation to bouncing sexuality and much in between, the path to personal rejuvenation through the enlivening of the heart, mind and spirit is laid out in such refreshing, sparkling, effervescent words that what results is a psychic shower for the soul.  Get naked, get in, get wet. You'll never feel as cleaned.”
- Neale Donald Walsch, best-selling author of Conversations With God

cover image: Sera Beak's The Red Book
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