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“For any women out there looking for a deeper relationship with themselves,
I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend doing Sera Beak’s classes and meditations.
I LOVE her approach – intuitive, personalized, playful, feminine spirituality that cuts the crap out of “spiritual” practice and helps you find your own authentic flavor of sacredness in your life.”
- Brooking Gatewood

Redvelations: Remember Your Soul's Truth, Reclaim Your Sovereignty & Rejoin the Trinity of True Love

Redvelations classNew 7-week Live Audio Training starting
Tuesday, October 9, 2018
A Transmission Based on Memories of Sarah, Daughter of Jesus & Mary Magdalene

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Ignite Your Divine Spark Audio Class

photo: hearts and leaves in soilThe red heart of this dynamic course is to inspire women of all ages to create a more intimate and expressive relationship with the universe outside of them, and more importantly, the universe swirling deep inside them - through a combustible cocktail of creative exercises, fiery meditation, meaningful ritual, intuitive journaling, and provocative dialogue. Emphasis will be placed on trusting one’s unique path and becoming one's own spiritual authority… not to mention creating some delicious, divine mischief along the way. (7 hours)

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