Ignite Your Divine Spark

Ignite Your Divine Spark

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“This class is a FANTASTIC way to connect with the only voice that matters…YOURS!
Sera Beak is a woman of fire and integrity! Don’t miss it!”
– Kate Wester

Ignite Your Divine Spark Audio Class consists of 6 previously taped live classes (total of 7 hours) and is meant to be completed over 6 weeks. This vibrant, inspiring and highly informative class stems from Sera’s first book: The Red Book: A Deliciously Unorthodox Approach to Igniting Your Divine Spark, but also takes inspiration from her second book, Red Hot and Holy. It’s a combustible concoction of new material, creative exercises, fiery meditation, meaningful ritual, intuitive journaling, provocative dialogue, personal stories, and an inspiring Q & A section (previously recorded).

“For any women out there looking for a deeper relationship with themselves and their ‘divine spark’, I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend doing Sera Beak’s class. I LOVE her approach – intuitive, personalized, playful, feminine spirituality that cuts the crap out of “spiritual” practice and helps you find your own authentic flavor of sacredness in your life.”
– Brooking Gatewood

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The Audio Class Low Down

How has your divine spark (aka: your Soul) been winking attcha lately? Are you winking back?

“It’s all too easy, given the general chaos of the world, from religious dogma to political turmoil to relentless fashion trends to ruthless media messages, to ignore your true make up, to inhibit your remarkable potential, and to keep your sight dim, your life experience at a low heat, devoid of any yummy sacred sizzle. Well enough of that. This book will not let you live that way anymore.”
The Red Book

Maybe you’re flirtin’ with the sacred on a daily basis and consider yourself quite “spiritual”. Awesome. But remember, no matter how many divine winks you receive or yoga classes you take, self-help books you read, meditations you practice, mystical experiences you have, spiritual workshops you attend, energy work you do, or positive intentions, vision boards, and prayers you make – there’s always room to draw closer to your own divinity.

“Remember, the divine is continuously discovering and recreating itself as it evolves through the course of our human lives. And that means it’s our duty not to bore Her.” The Red Book

Why is creating a more intimate, expressive, and deeply conscious relationship with your divine spark (aka: your Soul, your Self, your God/dess Source, the You of you) so important? Because our relationship with our divine spark directly affects everything else in our life — our career, finances, life purpose, relationships, sexuality, health, clothing choices, spirituality — and is the relationship our hearts crave to experience more than anything else. It’s the very reason we’re alive.

Plus, your divine spark craves YOU!

“The most intimate, amazing, powerful love affair in the universe
is happening right inside your skin” The Red Book

So. If your divine spark hasn’t been a priority lately, now’s the time to make it one.

Just a friendly reminder: This class does not push a specific spiritual path, philosophy, practice, self-help technique, diet or program. Instead, this class helps women of all ages let go of excess spiritual baggage and navigate the often-confusing spirituality arena without losing their divine sovereignty, femininity, individuality or sense of humor.

“By doing something or being someone that is more you and less “them,” you are teaching the world through example how to genuinely live, how to waltz through this whole charade with eyes wide open, how to be a brave woman who’s not afraid to wear red to a funeral
— in short, how to be truly free.” The Red Book

“Why take an audio class when I’ve already read the books?”

Divine Impact: Because there’s something undeniably powerful, inspiring, motivating, magical, alchemical and utterly divine that happens when you practice opening that much wider to your Grandest Being.

The instant message you send the Universe: “Bring It!”

And, I know for a fact that the Universe can’t help but comply.

“Become a divine exhibitionist. Play more, laugh more, do things that make your spirit roar, that amplify all your senses and encourage others to smile. Love boldy. Make your spirituality brighter, your prayers more colorful, your life more refined and reflective. Not only make the divine see you, but make the divine want to lick your forehead and taste you…
You have to pray from such an honest and open and raw place in yourself that the divine eagerly wants to kneel at the altar of you.” The Red Book

“But, I’m SO busy and have a zillion things to do…”

Taking time to re-ignite your divine spark will help you handle your busy life with more intuitive wisdom, Universal support, grace and ease. Truth is, most of us are so busy/frantic/overwhelmed because we’re disconnected from ourselves — “I’ll reconnect AFTER I’ve taken care of (my children/career/laundry/relationship/creative project)…if I have the energy.”

This class is an opportunity to get your priorities straight and spend more quality time with you (and You).

Imagine hanging out in your comfy living room, wrapped in a cozy blanket or a refreshing summer’s breeze, sipping Red wine or iced green tea, nourishing yourself with inspiring ideas, rich experiences and divine love — it’s like spending an hour at a spiritual spa getting your soul massaged (light touch or deep tissue is your choice).

“Igniting your divine spark is a simple perspective shift. An internal nod. An expanded relaxation into All That Is. It’s about tuning up your senses, cranking up your antennae, generating conscious living. It’s about becoming your own spiritual authority.” The Red Book

“But, what can this teleclass do for me?”

Igniting your divine spark will instantly make you happier, healthier, wealthier, attract your soulmate, that dream job, those fabulous shoes and a condo in Hawaii.


Did you hear that? I think an angel just threw up.

While all the above are possible side benefits to igniting your divine spark, I gotta remind you that you’re here to “achieve” much more than “all the above.” Your divine spark’s got way Bigger Game, but you gotta be willing to play it. As I wrote in the Introduction of The Red Book about igniting my own divine spark:

“Learning how to live my truth, out loud and on purpose and with inner authority, is worth it. Merging my humanity with my divinity is worth it. Becoming responsible for my self, for the vibe I give off, feels, well, downright heroic…I would rather be alive, be real, be increasingly conscious of all that I am, than move around this planet all mechanical and unconscious.” The Red Book

p.s. When you connect more deeply with your divine spark the question naturally shifts from “what can igniting my divine spark do for me?” to “what can I do for my divine spark?”

Let’s widen the lens…

It doesn’t take a religious doomsdayer or a news anchor or an environmentalist or an economist or a political strategist or an oil reserve or a psychic or a whale or a Mayan Calendar to tell us that the shit is hitting the fan on this planet. In this day and age, more than any other time in history, you need to be igniting your divine spark as much as you need to be breathing air. When times get rough, She is your truest compass. When the media is relentlessly slamming you with fear and stress, She is your peacemaker, your wisest adviser, your truest leader, communicating the best course of action for you and this planet. These days, learning to follow internal divine direction is not just an airy-fairy spiritual ideal, it’s about human and planetary survival.

A few years ago, the Dalai Lama reportedly stated, “Western women will save the world.” While I’m not sure if I entirely agree with him, he was onto to Something. Because many of us in the West are graced with the time and the means to consciously ignite our divine sparks, it has become our sacred responsibility to do. It’s not only a privilege to get up close and personal with our divine spark, it’s our duty. And, in this class, we get to perform our sacred duty while having a blast in the process.

“Remember, you are not here to play it safe. You are here to start fires” The Red Book

Also, an ample part of your payment for this audio class goes directly to GIRL RISING – a global campaign for girls education.


You In?

A suggestion: Ask your divine spark if this class would be beneficial for you to take and then pay attention to divine winks via synchronicities, symbols, dreams, billboards, love songs…

“Even if you feel totally clueless about what/who/where/why divinity is, it doesn’t change the fact that something’s still there, twinkling your world, illuminating meanings, urging you this way and that, winking and whispering and just waiting to contradict, to surprise, to undress. All you have to do is get quiet inside, hear that whisper, resonate with that sunset, and allow yourself to realize, Aha, Here I Am. Here We Are. Now let’s get this party started” The Red Book

And, remember:

“We are here to be our divine selves, boldly, passionately, respectfully, to the absolute best of our ability — and this, this is more than enough.

Dare yourself to disturb the universe.

Ask yourself:

How intensely do I want to exist?”
The Red Book

Read The Red Book Introduction

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Class Schedule and Details

Week 1

  • Introduction: Wake Up
  • Light the Match: Set Your Intentions Free
  • The Beaming You Who: Gods, Goddesses, and the Blind Man’s Elephant
  • Are You really Gonna Eat That?: Grazing at the Spiritual Buffet, Respectfully

You will:

  • learn grounding and clearing techniques as well as a fiery divine spark visualization to clear your space, calm your mind, open your heart, make you laugh and enliven your entire body.
  • identify and clear out unconscious spiritual baggage. (It doesn’t matter how spiritually practiced or open-minded we are, we all carry spiritual baggage — ideas, beliefs, memories, experiences and feelings that if not identified and gently released, prevent us from establishing a fresh and flirty relationship with our divine spark in the present moment.)
  • ignite your divine spark in a very special ritual. The power of doing this ritual is undeniable and will immediately start to affect your life.

In other words, sparks will fly.

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Week 2

  • Sacred Lipstick and Cosmic Lattes: 1001 Ways to Give Prayer a Makeover
  • Catapult Your Inner Waitress: Ritualize Your Life; You’ll Just Feel Better
  • Divine Winks: The Universe Wants Your Attention. Will You Wink Back?
  • Dream On: Widening the Spotlight in Your Internal Theater

You will:

  • learn a profound yet unbelievably simple way to “pray.”
  • practice connecting directly with and hearing from your divine spark.
  • learn how to distinguish your divine spark’s voice from your many other inner voices, such as: the critic, the saboteur, your “spiritualized” ego, your mom, your teacher, collective mindsets, belief systems, spiritual paradigms and even funky “psychic interferences.”
  • open (even more) to the myriad magical ways you can give to (via creative self-expression) and receive from (via dreams, synchronicities) the divine. Have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the heart to feel just how much the divine is engaging with you on a daily basis.
  • become aware of the differences between receiving divine winks (surrendering to what we are being divinely called to do) versus “magical thinking” (creating what we want to do via ego projections and narcissism).
  •  create a spiritual support system (an arsenal of inspiration) so when times get rough — when you’re exhausted, sad, sick, stressed or simply can’t tap in – you will have re-igniting reinforcements right at your fingertips.
  • remember that igniting your divine spark is not so much about “being spiritual,” it’s about coming Alive.

In other words, you will send the Universe a heartfelt invitation to your entire life.

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Week 3

  • Peeling Your Onion: Who Do You Think You Are?
  • When Sparks Fly: Know Your Self, Transform the World

You will:

  • shed your “skins” and go right to the heart of your matter in a simple but powerful “labels” exercise.
  • become internally referenced so you can be your authentic self more naturally and effortlessly no matter the environment, relationship, or family holiday.
  • shhhhh… listen… and allow your divine spark to define you. Begin to know who you truly are, regain your “cosmic confidence,” become your own home base.
  • remember the sacred importance of knowing not just your light, but also your dark. Learn how to face and feel aspects of your shadow so you can get to their root, integrate their meaning, and unleash your natural gifts.
  • identify how certain spiritual beliefs you’ve adopted or absorbed – from traditional religion, mainstream spirituality, and the new age – might be “in the way of” igniting your divine spark. The importance of questioning your beliefs and trusting your own experiences, even if they contradict popular or time-honored spiritual beliefs.
  • acknowledge the shadow of the above practice of “questioning your beliefs” by understanding that your spiritualized ego can use this practice to its own advantage (such a sneaky lil sucker).
  • recognize that by trusting and following and sharing your divine spark, you are in harmony with the Whole Universe and helping it evolve.

In other words, you will turn inside out.

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Week 4

  • Breaking the Rules: Healthy Transgressions Make the Heaven’s Applaud
  • Open Up and Say Ahhh: Sex. Spirit. The Twain Shall Meet – Under Your Covers

You will:

  • “jump start” your internal engines through healthy conscious transgressions – transgressions that derive from your divine spark, not your ego, transgressions that shake you out of spiritual stagnancy, break up your patterns, energize and evolve you, and increase your intimacy with the Divine.
  • discover why all the spiritual super heroes and superheroines in the past were often the most transgressive beings on earth – they deliberately disobeyed spiritual and social laws, traditions, and practices in order to be of Divine Service and create something completely new.
  • explore the archetype of Eve (according to many gnostic interpretations Eve was not a floundering sinner but an illuminated liberator), Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary (aka: the virgin and the whore), and what these western representations of the divine feminine can teach you today.
  • learn about the life giving, life changing, divinely dangerous power of eros, which has been carefully controlled by external forces (such as The Church) because there is a direct correlation between reclaiming our authentic sexuality and reclaiming our essential divine nature.
  • cut through the socio-cultural stereotypes and media BS and tap into your unique erotic nature.
  • sink into your beautiful body and uncover your forbidden erotic power by remembering via a powerful ritual and invocation from an ancient voice of the divine feminine.
  • re-engage with divine physicality and recreate a whole new kind of intimacy with Life.

In other words, you will shake what the Momma gave ya.

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Week 5

  • Sitting Down and Shutting Up: The Best Spiritual Tool You Will Ever Learn, Ever
  • Know That You Know: Trusting Your Intuition with Your Life
  • Keep Yourself Buzzing: Crank Your Vibe; It’s Your Cosmic Duty

You will:

  • learn why energetic metaphysics is the other half – often the missing half – of the complete divine human experience. Fact is, we’re made of energy, as is everyone and everything around us, but unfortunately most of us aren’t educated in energy even if we consider ourselves quite “spiritual,” and this effects us mentally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually.
  • be warned not too over focus on psychic abilities or fancy powers (what Eastern religions call siddhis), because psychic power is not the same as being spiritually evolved.
  • identify important differences between feminine and masculine meditation practices.
  • take a “time in” and remember that meditation is not just about quieting your mind or staying present (or taking a cosmic chill pill), but also about revitalizing your sacred relationship with your divine spark. Make time to spoon with the Sacred and allow yourself to Be. Loved.
  • discover and trust your natural feminine powers of body wisdom and intuition.
  • give yourself permission to create your own form of “meditation” by discovering what truly feeds your soul and awakens your body, because that’s what feeds the divine. So meditation becomes less this “thing you have to do,” and more this way of being with yourself that you look forward to each day. (I mean it).
  • practice allowing your divine spark to be your “energy teacher” so you can experience your innate energetic intelligence.
  • make your divine spark your spiritual and energetic “gatekeeper” and the final authority in your life (and not give away your spiritual power to an external source like a psychic, guru or spirit guide).
  • learn how to receive internal divine winks, accurately translate your divine spark’s messages and movements, and trust your divine spark’s sometimes wild n’ crazy guidance (mystical mind f*cks).
  • remember that divine help is all around you – you were meant to walk on this planet hand in hand with your divine spark and be fully supported by the Universe – ask and receive.

In other words, you will plug into and expand your inner power source.

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Week 6:

  • The Joke’s On Us: The One Mandatory Ingredient For Every Path
  • Roar: Finale (Like Red Wine Spilled onto a Mattress)

You will:

  • know how to keep your divine spark roaring and have the courage to play with fire.
  • make your relationship with your divine spark your priority so it infuses, transforms and recreates your ordinary life.
  • not be fooled by glittering promises or shiny self-help guarantees: It takes serious vaginas to walk your spiritual talk. You often have to let go or lose what is false in your life (like unhealthy relationships, careers, life circumstances, ) in order to recognize and embrace what is true.
  • remember that igniting your divine spark isn’t about being “spiritual” or “mystical” or some self-helped “ideal woman” – it’s about being real, alive, and your authentic Self.
  • learn why igniting your divine spark is the greatest act of service and the greatest love affair – it’s about regaining full use of your heart and full use of your human life so you can truly serve this planet the way you were created to. Igniting your divine spark is your duty and most responsible thing to do as a woman.
  • finish with a big bold never-ending red blessing.

In other words, you will turn your spark into a bonfire and burn, baby burn.

Buy Now

PRICE $150.00

(an ample part of your payment for this audio class goes directly to GIRL RISING
– a global campaign for girls education.)

Girl Rising


“I really just want to tell you how wonderful the Ignite Your Divine Spark class was. It remains to be a spiritual experience in a class completely of its own. Focusing on what’s divine in *me* has never been easy, so journeying on my Path has been a struggle and oftentimes it still is. But the fact that when I pay attention I hear whispers of divinity singing to me makes me want to keep going deeper. Like I said, it’s hard and 70% of the time I’m sure I’m doing it wrong, but I am truly blessed to have your books, your words, and your classes guiding me to a relationship with the divine that sings from within me instead of lecturing /at/ me.”

– Cassandra

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“There were about 1,000 times during the class that I thought, god darn it I frickin’ LOVE that WOMAN!!!!!!! She IS the embodiment of gorgeous awesome feminine powerful energy –thank you God for her!!!!  By being fully embodied and letting it go-you give us permission to do it, too!! Thank you a trillion times, for letting it go and being so REAL!”

– D.

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“I happened upon the Ignite Your Divine Spark class somewhat by chance and it turned out to be exactly what I needed. It offered a chance to reconnect with an aspect of my inner self that had become muted by the busy swirl of my life as a working mother of two young children. It is an experience to be savored. During the 6 weeks of the class I felt genuinely refreshed by the chance to just be in the presence of my own self. The weekly set up seemed to help orient me to myself in a way that I haven’t been able to feel since I was a free floating young woman. It felt so good to be present to myself and it has me thinking about the way that I approach so much of what I do ~ for my family, my patients, people in my community and myself.”

– Abby

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“Sera is eloquent, real, ON FIRE and grounded in a broad study and personal experience with religion, myth, and sacred spirituality.  She is utterly electric and it is contagious!  Every time I hear her, my divinity sparks and is bellowing ‘I’m in here-let me out NOW.'”

– Dianna D.

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“Having read “The Red Book” once before … whole-heartedly loving it, periodically and randomly checking back in with it; I wasn’t sure what more I could learn from re-reading it, front to back, and taking this class, but something sparked me to take the class anyway (something I’ve never done before!) and I am so glad and grateful that I did! There is a REAL positive vibe you feel in listening to Sera in this way, as well as knowing you are also mysteriously connecting with other like-hearted souls … and … you do learn (see/feel/realize) more!!  Thank you for all your inspiration and clearing of the “fog” so I could better see; how I really feel, who I really am and be brave enough to believe what I believe.”

– Samantha

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“I just took your class for the second time and loved it, as I knew I would. Connecting to the Divine through meditation and just being aware has been life changing for me. Although intellectually I knew I had the answers I needed within, I hadn’t experienced this until connecting with the Divine through your class. Knowing that I can do this has been revolutionary for me. It’s made me at peace with who I am and what I’m doing and where I’m going.”

– Michelle

Buy Now

PRICE $150.00

(an ample part of your payment for this audio class goes directly to GIRL RISING
– a global campaign for girls education.)

Girl Rising

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