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“In the endless sea of new-agey feel-goodism and its carbon-copy iterations,
Sera is the real deal: raw, honest, wise, brilliant, and deeply inspirational.”
– Nirmala Nataraj


Reawakening our souls from Gather the Women

Speaking Our Truth

Emerging Women Power Party – San Francisco – Sera Beak from Emerging Women on Vimeo.


Living Your Divine Love Story

Sera Beak “Living Your Divine Love Story” from Sounds True on Vimeo.


Soul Fire: Burn, Baby Burn

Sera Beak “Soul Fire: Burn, Baby Burn” for Emerging Women Live 2013 from serabeak on Vimeo.

“In All Fears And Trembling Boldness: Unleashing Your Soul’s Voice” by Sera Beak for Emerging Women Live 2014 from serabeak on Vimeo.



iateInterview with Tami Simon from Sounds True about Red Hot and Holy (June 2013)

Part 1: Finding our authentic voice and knowing we are Distinct Divine Beings

Part 2:  My experiences with Sacred Touch and a special feminine figure from the past

BA buttonMy dialog with Terry Patten on Beyond Awakening, entitled, “Only Partnering With Our Divine Soul Will Heal Our World.” You can listen to our discussion by signing up HERE  (you can unsubscribe at any time) and you’ll receive an email with a link that will enable you to access my dialogue and 50 other dialogues with luminaries.






Interview with Jessi Herriott from Living on Purpose (June 2013)


videoplayer2dInterview with Marie Cornelio on Marie TV (60 mins, July 2013)





995707_208976922592247_220410941_n Interview with Jacob Nordby on “Blessed Are The Weird” radio show (25 mins, July, 2013)





awaken_newsletter_banner copy345 A mystically infused interview with Victoria More from A.W.A.K.E.N. Academy



300-Oracle copy345size Interview with Miguel Connor on Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio




Banner-SWR EP16Not just woo woo, it’s Super Woo with the radical pioneer of authenticity and truth, George Kavassilas

Sera Beak Rose


ARTICLES (About me)

seranytimes-300x172The New York Times Article “Seeing Yourself in Their Light”





201133-RPW091123_120 Publisher’s Weekly Interview





ARTICLES (I’ve Written)


JulyEssayBeakSkirt! Magazine Article “Red Hot and Holy: Priestessing my Sister’s Wedding”







logo-300x66“The First Red Pill” Excerpt from Red Hot and Holy: A Heretic’s Love Story



PLWLogo_471w_04b“Let the Divine Boogie”