My Red Mission Statement



Dear Distinct Divine Being,

I have no interest in turning you “Red” or into a “Red Lady” or persuading you to join my Redvolution.

While we might share mystical aspects, unorthodox attitudes, fiery natures and even have similar past (or present) life traumas and dramas and be part of the same heretical lineage and experience part of our physical womanhood and Divine Feminine nature as red and even resonate strongly with the color red…

What I call “Red” is my unique Soul Essence reflected through all of the above.

(it’s not a brand, trend, product to sell, or a savvy marketing technique)

What I call the “Redvolution” is my particular process of embodying my Soul and expressing my truth.

(it’s not a mass movement, cosmic club, goddess gang, sacred sorority or a feminine spirituality)


“The Red Lady” is not another name for the soul or Kali or Mary Magdalene or Lilith or Pele (or a myriad of other “reddish” goddesses, archetypes, or figures from the past) or the Goddess of this Universe.

“The Red Lady” is the name I call my Soul.

(your stunning Soul has Its own name.)

While part of the Red Lady’s gig is to reflect, celebrate and honor “reddish” characters, qualities and the Divine Feminine, more directly, the Red Lady is – and as Her human incarnation, I am – here to remind you of the glorious importance of Knowing, Loving and Unleashing your unique Soul….

not to encourage you to Know, Love and Unleash “Red” or “The Red Lady.”


Why is this so freakin’ important to clarify and state?

For a few spicy reasons.


First and foremost, because you (and you alone) are here to embody and transmit your Soul.

Just like our fingerprints are unique, our Souls are irreducibly unique. And, your Soul is what’s needed on this planet right now. Not a conscious or unconscious replica of someone or something else.

While we’re interdependent, made from the same sparkly start dust and are co-creating this grand Universal experience together, incarnating our distinct Soul in our magnificent one-of-a-kind human body while staying radically intimate with each other, this planet and this sensational thing called Life, is what It’s All about (in my opinion).

Another way I see it: you are a Distinct Divine Being who has been on a very long and very particular wild ride through this vast multidimensional Universe, which means you’ve got a lot to share (what you as a Soul have learned through your rich and varied experiences and expressions) and offer (your well-earned gifts and wisdom), and it’s imperative that you do so.


Because this Universe realizes and re-members It’s Self as each of us realizes and re-members our Own. And, when you shine your unique light, you give the rest of us permission to do so as well.


Second reason I’m sharing this mission statement with you:

Before I realized that what I call “Red” was actually my Distinct Divine Being and everyone else had their own Distinct Divine Being, I projected Red outside of myself (for lifetimes). In this life, I initially created a Redvolution movement, film, workshops, and encouraged other women to “be red” or join the “Redvolution” and find their own “red ladies.”

Then the Divine Feminine spanked my ass. Hard. And I entered a Red Night of the Soul, which required that I pull back from the mainstream spirituality arena for over three years. It was during this Redvelatory time that I came to realize that I was encouraging others to participate in my Red spiritual reality, instead of encouraging them to find, explore and claim their own.

I also came to the heart-breaking realization that I had allowed my own Soul – the Red Lady – to be used, mimicked and even violated in the process.


Now, it’s karmic cleanup time.

I apologize for my previous unconscious habits and for my participation in this shadow side of the spirituality arena. I won’t play those often well-intentioned, but ultimately misleading and disempowering games anymore.

I am now standing for, protecting and cherishing the Red Lady and in so doing, I am also standing for, protecting, and cherishing your unique Soul.

If we cannot stand for, protect and cherish our own Soul, we cannot truly stand for, protect or cherish anyone or anything else in this Universe.


Bottom Line: My life is devoted to Knowing, Loving and Unleashing my Red Lady and it is devoted to you Knowing, Loving and Unleashing your distinct Soul, so we can Serve this spectacular Universe the way we originally intended.


If the above is confusing or a bit much, here’s the divine gist:

Don’t jump on my Red bandwagon

(or anyone else’s bandwagon).

Find and ride your own,



and with your top off.

I’ll be riding my Red wagon next to you, cheering you on.