Soul Fire Sessions

Soul Fire Sessions

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“Whether we’re a lawyer, a mother, a father, a gardener, an entrepreneur, a creative, a healer,
a mystic, a social activist, a self-help author or a spiritual teacher,
our Souls are continually calling us deeper.
If we’re willing to shed our skins, then layer after layer of our truth will
appear anew and demand action. Aligning our ordinary life with our evolutionary divinity is
a path of fire:
You burn. You grow. You burn. You grow. Constantly.
The only stability is our trust in the process and our intuitive awareness that
Love’s very nature is to Consume and Call us Home.” 
– Red Hot and Holy

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Your Soul is the Center of your center, the You of you– your distinct and sovereign divinity,
which is directly connected to All That Is.

Your Soul is your guidance and grace, your deepest knowing and your toughest truth,
your best-friend and your Beloved.

Your Soul’s love for you is unmatched by anyone or anything else in this entire Universe…
because your Soul is an emanation of your own Universal Essence,
which is seeking to incarnate in and as you…

So you can Be what you are here to Be

(Your Self)

Give what you are here to Give

(Your Gifts)

Serve this planet like the Divine Human Phenomenon you truly are.


most of us feel disconnected or distant from our Souls.
And, this disconnection and distance from our own divinity has created

a heartache that we keep trying to heal
a “hole” that we keep trying to fill. . .

but nothing else

– not religious traditions, modern spirituality, self-help, the new age, coaches, therapists, gurus, angels, spirit guides, shamans, ascended masters, books, workshops, strict practices, sophisticated techniques, clear chakras, raw food, green juice, ayahuasca, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, India, Burning Man, volunteer work, a meaningful career, financial freedom, manifesting our dreams, positive affirmations, optimal health, personal success, orgasmic bliss, finding our soul mate, having children, enlightenment, or even the God/dess of this Universe –

can ever totally heal that ache or fill that hole inside us.

Only our Soul can.

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Soul Fire Sessions help you:

  • re-ignite an intimate, dynamic and radically real relationship with your Soul and thereby more directly experience, embody and express your distinct God/dess Being.
  • identify the external and internal forces that are hindering this beloved relationship and incarnational process.
  • face and embrace the light and the dark of your whole Being.
  • recognize your Soul’s voice, trust your Soul’s reality and surrender to your Soul’s spiritual authority.
  • receive your Soul’s fierce love, wisdom and power.
  • make appropriate changes in your life so you live in alignment with your Soul while honoring your humanity.
  • feel supported on this simple, but not easy path.

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Why Soul Fire Sessions?

While you certainly don’t need me or Soul Fire Sessions to consciously connect with and embody your Soul, having the right external support at the right time on your journey can be profoundly helpful.

Especially because the Soul path isn’t the most popular, practical or understood path.

 “As a path of inner awakening, as a path of deep self-knowledge (that is to say, gnosis), it invites and supports the inner struggle to attend, to ‘hear and obey’ one’s own Self, God in oneself…This is an unknown teaching – not in the philosophical or theological sense, nor in the sense that it has never been said before, but in the sense that our ordinary thoughts and feelings can never really penetrate it. We are speaking of an unknown part of ourselves, which is at the same time the essential part of ourselves: the Teacher within, our genuine identity.” –The Gospel of Mary Magdalene (Jacob Needleman, Foreword of Jean Yves LeLoup’s translation)

Living in alignment with your Soul – allowing your Soul to be the CEO of your life – is a challenging and yet undeniably rewarding daily practice because it demands your authenticity.

All that is not in alignment with your Soul will become known on this path, requiring you to make choices and changes in your life that could affect your relationships, finances, careers, spirituality and sense of meaning and purpose.

In other words,

when you dare to live the truth of Who you really are

 (a distinct divine Soul)  

shit gets real.

The reality is, incarnating our Soul in the modern world is a beautiful, messy, ecstatic, painful, hilarious, strange, and at times dark and isolating process. It’s common to feel alone, freaked out, elated, scared, in love and confused.

That’s when a soul sister (that’s me!) who has been through it (and is still going through it) can offer a safe and sacred space to share your process, help you reconnect with your inner knowing, support your unique Soul path and even offer some comic relief.

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What happens during a Soul Fire Session?

First, we will connect human to human. This is when you can let loose and share what’s up (and what’s down).

Then, we will sink into our body, open our heart and enter what The Gospel of Mary Magdalene calls the nous

a sacred space

between the human and the divine

where a truer reality reveals itself…

We will connect here, Soul to Soul.

It’s in this between space that guidance, visions, multi-dimensional perspectives, energetic clearing, holy healing, your personal truth and divine love naturally arise.

(Reminders of Who you really are


Revelations about What’s really going on in your life)

Having access to the nous – to your divine human reality – is your natural birthright. Soul Fire Sessions remind you that this sacred resource is already blazing inside you and always accessible, and help you re-build this often spiritually forgotten capacity.

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For Serious Souls Only

Like any intimate relationship, creating an authentically loving relationship with our Soul takes time and dedication.

Most of us need regular support at the beginning of this re-ignited relationship – and/or whenever we go through a particularly rough or intense time in our incarnational process.

Remember, this is the relationship that all other relationships (with others, with life, with the Divine) stem from, and yet most of us keep it on the backburner. Overriding our Soul is a thick and heavy habit. To shift this habit takes honest effort and a pure driving desire to do whatever it takes to fall back into our Soul’s arms.

In other words, Soul Fire Sessions are not for “dabblers.” They are for those who are willing to make their relationship with their Soul a priority.

So. While all of you is welcome in these Sessions, your Soul is who I am in service to. Not your personality, ego, or other external/internal forces and influences.

It begins and ends with the Soul.

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To be clear:

Soul Fire Sessions are not coaching, therapy, psychic readings or two friends gabbing (if a coach, therapist, psychic, friends, etc. will benefit your path, your Soul will guide you to them).

The point of Soul Fire Sessions is to re-ignite your relationship with your Soul, so you can better sense your next step and what truly serves your Soul’s path at this time.

Remember: Your Soul knows your past, present and future better than any book or teacher or psychic or spiritual tradition. Your Soul knows what you should read/practice, who you should learn from, and where you should go, now.

In other words, your Soul knows how you evolve organically.

You don’t want to force this rose to bloom or follow someone else’s 7-steps.

“If you relax, if you trust your Soul, it will lead you.
It will be a crazy journey – as unique as a snowflake, as transformative as a fire, as freaky as a fruitcake, as mysterious as a Universe.”
– Red Hot and Holy

To be even clearer:

Soul Fire Sessions offer no glittering promises or guarantees: like Happiness! Sexiness! A Soul Mate! Professional Success! But, living in alignment with our Soul does offer us a life of integrity and truth, which fills us with a kind of holy happiness, abundance, and inner power that is independent of external conditions.

Bottom Line: The Soul path isn’t about getting what you want.

It’s about giving Who you are… without the need for a return.

Because that hole you’ve been constantly trying to fill with everything outside of you,

is finally full with all the Love inside you.

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How to Have a Session

Please read all of Red Hot and Holy before you request a Session,  with extra attention on Chapters 20 and 21. This will allow for a smoother and deeper Session. 

Then, please contact me at

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“There will come a time, a time that’s been decided by your Soul alone (not anything or anyone outside of you),
when your Soul will ask you to:

Come close,
Closer still
Till “closer” has meaning no longer

And it will be thrilling and terrifying and gorgeous and annoying, and there will be days when you will question everything and tell the Universe to screw Itself, and other days you will be trusting everything and telling the Universe to Bring It even more. But no matter the utter insanity of your Soul’s sanity, you will know that


The Truest Thing You Were Born To Experience.

And you will be
That you Remembered.”

And, that you are not alone.

My Lady and I would be deeply honored to work with you and your Soul.

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“There’s a spot on the coast of France where the tide recedes so far back that the landscape changes from a beach of simple, small stones to craggy, wild tide pools full of mussels and seaweed. The fresh water that feeds the sea is suddenly unveiled in strong currents pouring down the beach, and in the side of the cliff, a tunnel opens. I, who hate adventure travel, walked and crawled through that dark tunnel two weeks ago with no assurance of safety or knowledge of its direction. I came out on the other side laughing and crying and shocked to have ended up on a secret beach nestled between two dramatic cliffs. The wonders I discovered had been there all along, and of course, I had to engage all my trust and courage. That ancient, patient tide, though, is what revealed the path to me.

The whole experience reminded me of my Soul Fire Session. Sera operates like that tide, pulling away your waters so that you can see so clearly the beauty of your Soul. It doesn’t mean the path is easy to find or easy to traverse. The guarantee is only that your hour on the phone with her is low tide. Your cliffs and tunnels and the fresh water currents that feed you are laid bare, gently loved open by Sera and her Lady. My time with Sera was an opportunity to dip mysteriously into parts of myself I had never touched, and she graciously taught me a method to continue the practice on my own. She’s right; it’s not therapy or a coaching session. It’s much, much more.”

– Laura Geiger

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“Working with Sera allowed me to identify the true voice of my soul, in a way that is crystal clear and available to me at every moment now. I felt pulled to work with her because I was getting confused about which voice in my head and heart was my true soul voice — there are so many voices inside me! I was actually starting to feel afraid of my soul because it seemed to be taking me in a direction that didn’t feel right to me. I was unsettled. I am just so grateful that I reached out to Sera because within just a few minutes I was reunited with my soul and I felt just glorious. Sera is such a beautiful soul, so gentle, compassionate, and loving, and she acted as a channel for my soul and a guide on my journey. She provided me with images and insights that I could not have received anywhere else, and for that, I am forever grateful. If you are reading this and feel called in even the slightest way to work with her, I encourage you to reach out to her now. Your soul has guided you to her for a reason.”

– Meghan Kerner

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I have always had a strong connection with my intuition, even as a child I would get intense “feelings” about people and situations and have trusted this inner knowing to varying degrees throughout my life, there have been many times that I have ignored, questioned and doubted these messages because I didn’t have the right words to explain where they came from, to explain them to my rational mind. And then I found Sera.

I too come from a “spiritual” background, always seeking but never finding the “right” path, I felt like I was always walking the spiritual road in someone else’s ill fitting shoes. But the first time I heard Sera speak my heart knew, something about the way she described the soul and the soul path resonated deep down to my very core, I immediately sought her out and signed up for a Soul Fire Session, my soul knew she held a key.

As soon as we got on the phone I felt completely held by Sera’s presence, she creates a container of sacredness, of complete safety and with her guidance I was able to encounter my soul on a deeper, more meaningful level than I ever have before, I finally felt and knew my own soul’s unique voice, without question, without doubt. With Sera’s encouragement I have continued to deepen my connection with my soul by creating space each day to be with her, to know the voice of your soul is a gift, to be able to pick her voice out of the crowd of noise and distraction is a blessing and to honor that blessing by acting on her wisdom is the work of a lifetime.

Sera’s authenticity and commitment to those on the soul path is unwavering, through our session I came not only to know the voice of my own soul but also the heart of a true soul sister. Sera is both a companion on my journey and a beacon I look to on my dark days. I am grateful, beyond words for her courage, vulnerability and strength and for the confidence she restored in me to trust my own inner knowing. 

– Casey Erin Wood ~ Coach, Writer & Speaker ~

splat graphic“Sera has a unique ability to tap into that still place within your soul and reconnect you to your true self and wisdom. During our Soul Fire Session, she helped me get past the cluttered thoughts of my mind and listen to what my heart had to say. Sera speaks directly from her soul and I felt her connect deeply with my own. The experience felt so honest, raw, and real. I am grateful to have been able to share what is in my heart with her and feel supported and understood. I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I could see the world with new eyes, refreshed and renewed. It was a blessing to talk with Sera, who has a special talent of finding that spark of fire within you and encouraging it to grow!”

– Lauren Medeiros

splat graphic“After reading RED, HOT, AND HOLY, I knew I needed to hear the “shaky, shatteringly high physical voice”of this remarkable woman, so I booked a session.   Now comes the WOW!  There have been some significant things happening in my life which I attribute to Sera greasing the gears of my soul, allowing her to slip up to the surface and get me moving again.

Twenty-five years ago, I wrote a children’s story about a little girl who copies her friends until she meets the queen in a dream and discovers that she lives right inside of her.“You are the queen!  I live within!” and from that very hour, when Catie wonders who she is, she gazes in Her mirror, and Catherine smiles and nods her head, as if to say, “I’m here!”

My queen has been waiting in the wings for a few decades (I am 77 years old).  I haven’t totally ignored her, but I’ve done a lot of “yeah, right’s” when she has tried to convince me of my royal heritage.  Since speaking with Sera, I have so much more confidence in my gifts. These days, I am throwing my pearls hither and thither with very little attention to where they land or how they are received.  It feels SO GOOD to just put myself out there as my little contribution to the planet, and not worry about the outcome. The response has been amazing BECAUSE I am so relaxed and in the flow and feeling the power of my Queen coming through.   I use a hand mirror as one of my props when I am reading my book to children’s groups, and I got the brilliant idea to hold it up to each child as he or she moves  back into the classroom, saying  to their image, “You are the Queen” or “You are the King.”   This is really what the session with Sera enabled me to do – finally!  Powerful beyond measure.

Another result of coming into my soul more fully is that everything seems to go my way these days, with no effort on my part.  Parking spots appear,  connections are made, support is offered, and yesterday on the beach,  four abandoned luxury chaise lounges and umbrella from the Waldorf Astoria (fit for a queen) right there for the taking! Can you hear me now??

– Juliana Howard

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“A session with Sera is an opening to a conversation with the depths of your heart and soul. She has a gentle and powerful presence that invites forward everything that has been dancing in the background and is ready to come forward. You get the sense that Sera is working with your soul, sharing what you are ready to hear and honoring the importance of timing, allowing each illumination to happen in its own way. I have always found her to be a refreshing force in the world of spirituality. No show, no illusion, you get Sera, real, loving, and with a spark that will have you laughing and crying at the same time.”

– Jenny C.
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“As soon as I heard Sera’s voice my body felt at ease. My outer protective fortress crumbled and I could feel myself being fully witnessed in her presence. Her session are like no others. We do not speak from a mental space but instead step into a mystical realm inside ourself allowing our souls to mingle, play and converse. There was powerful knowledge and healing that came out of the session with Sera. It isn’t a journey for the light hearted. I was raw and tender afterwards but was gifted a sense of renewal and life. I am deeply grateful for Sera’s work.”

– Sora

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“I knew after the first chapter of Red, Hot, & Holy that this was exactly what I was looking for.  I was nervous and excited for our session together.  I was feeling a little shy.  Sera made me feel at ease from the beginning.  This was going to be a group effort.  The first part of the session was great.  I got to ease my intellect’s curiosity about what has been happening to me.  I received concrete examples and guidance that my mind could grasp on to.  Then, we really started to have some fun!  I can’t explain in enough beautiful words what it was like to reunite with Sunny, my Soul!  I remember the presence of this brave, fun, excited, loving being from childhood.  There are a few other short periods of time when he was more present.  It was like being reunited with my best friend that I had amnesia about.  I remembered all the joy he brought into my life and wonder and love that poured out of me.  I also had feelings of guilt and shame because I had put him in a box inside me.  I only gave him a megaphone of sorts to clue me in when I really need guidance.

Since our session together, and the blissful reunion, things have really changed.  Sunny was the piece of me I have been searching for.  By allowing him to shine through me with the bright yellow sunshine energy that we are, everything I’ve wanted is possible.  My dreams at night are filled with feelings like never before.  In one I fell in love with a beautiful man and could actually physically feel all the amazing falling in love sensations that go along with it!  My life is just blossoming because I don’t feel alone anymore.  The weird part is, I didn’t know I had felt alone until Sunny was back in my life.  We have been going dancing A LOT!  I’ve started to receive all sorts of gifts and invitations.  My healing practice is really getting going.  My life overall feels like when the color comes on in the Wizard of Oz.  I wake up excited to see what the day will bring.  I know I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m not as worried about “getting there” anymore.  Sera, I can’t thank you enough for being the one to get us back together again.  Watch out world!”

– April G.

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