Soul Sanctuary Retreat

Soul Sanctuary Retreat

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Soul Sanctuary Women's Retreat

May 26 - June 1, 2019
Bend of Ivy Lodge 
Asheville, North Carolina

(for previous Soul Fire participants only and by application)

The Soul Sanctuary Retreat is for previous Soul Fire participants:

  • who want to reignite or deepen their relationship with their Soul in a safe, supportive, authentic and organic Soul Space.
  • who want to deepen or create new relationships with soul sisters who have already experienced the holy burn of Soul Fire and are primed and ready to Go There.
  • who are getting the nudge from their Soul that there is more to explore, embody, learn, and share in this rare container.

The Intention and Practice

The intention of Soul Sanctuary is the same as Soul Fire: to deepen your relationship with and embodiment of your Soul, but how this happens will depend on your Soul and the Souls who attend.

While there will be refreshers and reminders, Soul Sanctuary will offer more free time with your Soul (less group exercises), as well as deeper, wilder, (and probably weirder) group session time.

Soul Sanctuary will honor where you are in your natural process (whether you feel connected to your Soul or disconnected or somewhere in between) while allowing the group Soul synergy to create the kind of transformative magic that can only happen when we come together with the same intention in an organic Soul Space.


Soul Sanctuary is application only.

Ask your Divine Soul if you belong at Soul Sanctuary and pay attention to your bodily feelings, signs, dreams, and synchronicities.

If you feel the inner nudge, please send an email to telling me why you want to attend Soul Sanctuary. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar or how it reads – just be you. Only I will be reading these applications.

*The Bend of Ivy holds 20 participants with 3 of those being campers, so if you are interested please apply soon.

I would be honored and so excited to be with you and your Soul again!

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