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Soul Saturation Retreat

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This was a pure Soul experience. So grounded. So honest. So real.
No guru headlining, no know-it-all.
Just a real desire to bring people into authentic connection with their own Soul.
- Angie Mattson Stegall

(all genders and non genders welcome)

Soul Saturation is an intimate, dynamic, and radically real experience of your Soul within a group setting. Using creative meditation, spontaneous ritual, intuitive journaling, provocative dialogue, and organic movement, we will allow our Souls to guide us towards authentic experiences and expressions of Life and Love. After all, when you saturate in your Soul, you don’t just believe, you know, in every cell of your magnificent body, that you are the one you’ve been looking for all along… and then your real Service on this planet begins.

 *Each Soul Saturation retreat is unique and dependent upon the Souls and human consciousness present.


Read Red Hot and Holy and Redvelations, as well as the below testimonials.


Soul Saturations take place at yoga studios, churches, retreat centers and private homes.


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Soul Saturation Testimonials

"What I loved most about the Soul Saturation experience was how individual and personal yet Universal it was. From reading Sera's book, I knew the day would be a life-changing experience. What I didn't expect was how sweet and loving it was. Watching Sera gently guide each person to connect with their see their faces as they made the connection...that was a very powerful moment for me. I especially loved how Sera simply asked questions. She didn't "tell" the person to do anything specific. Rather she guided them to use their own intuition and knowing to find the Truth. It was quietly magnificent.

Because of this experience, I've reconnected with the power of MY Soul and what S/He and I do, especially as it relates to my work with clients and with people in general. Knowing S/He is on my side as MY guide has helped me relax (surrender)? I realize now I See when people connect with the Truth inside them.

This was a pure Soul experience. So grounded. So honest. So real. No guru headlining, no "know it all." Just a real desire to bring people into authentic connection with their own Soul."

- Angie Mattson Stegall

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"I have been staring at my screen for way too long, trying to find the right words to describe my weekend with Sera, in so many ways it is beyond description. I went into the weekend not really knowing what to expect, I had read her book and loved her writing, her intelligence, her humility and excellent wit.

Within 30 minutes into the seminar, I was in love. Sera is the real deal. Her ability to deeply connect with each and every individual in the room is uncanny. She is steeped in the most loving truth, and within minutes can shift your perspective, your limitations, your most vulnerable “stuff” comes up, is right there and yet somehow without trauma or fear, she is so loving and understanding and human in her own self, you just kinda melt. It was beautiful. She guides with such humility and honesty, you want to dig deeper into your own soul work, but also reminds you to be loving and take care of yourself, of your own beautiful soul. She emanates a mother’s love, truthful, unconditional, and encouraging growth in the highest form.

In the months following our weekend, I find myself more grateful, more in awe of the miracle of life, and naturally inspired to take better care of myself, to take time for myself. I cannot recommend Sera enough!"

- Susan

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"I had the honor of being with Sera at a Network Wellness retreat, in Charlotte, NC, over the summer. I didn't know what to expect, but my expectations were high as I had already read 'Red, Hot, and Holy'. Sera blew my expectations out of the water.

I wasn't aware that I had disconnected myself from my soul, but this became clear during our time together. I was gracefully led to the time that I had done so. When I found her, I had the opportunity to feel the pain of what this had done, but I also had the pleasure of feeling her unconditional love of wanting nothing more than to be with me.

Sere also led me to a greater awareness of when my soul is speaking to me vs. other energies. I am more easily able to access the true knowing in my heart. While I still notice times where I have disconnected, I now notice and can invite her back. It's no longer scary because I don't have the fear of her rejecting me. I know she is ALWAYS ready for the invitation.

These words don't do justice what Sera has made available to me, and I cannot wait until our paths cross again!"

- Jenn S.

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"My Soul Saturation with Sera Beak was a direct initiation to the Divine Feminine in all of her glorious forms. I was challenged, devastated, inspired, supported, and held in electric, holy, red Love. Sera's ability to be present, and to truly see and commune with another's soul is a rare gift... filled with softness, grace, and power. Truly a blessed invitation to grow."

- Kari Giles

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"The Soul Saturation day with Sera Beak was extremely humbling and exhausting, and I can honestly say that two months later I'm still reeling from the effects. I would even go as far as to say that the experience has changed me forever--however corny that may sound.

Twelve hours in a room with a hundred+ souls bouncing and squirming and interacting was unbelievably amazing. I read Sera's book Red Hot & Holy to prepare for the event, but nothing could have prepared me for what was to unfold.

The most intimidating, gut-wrenching and raw experience was sitting in a circle with Sera while she spoke directly, patiently, and intimately with every participant one-by-one. No one was rushed. No one was judged. No one could hide. This discourse lasted several hours and I was in awe of Sera's sustaining focus and passion. I've never given much thought to my Soul and to have someone ask me in a room full of people ‘what does your soul mean to you?’ My response still haunts me….

I must admit that I entered the Soul Saturation not so much as a skeptic, but as someone who just couldn't believe she was in this kind of setting. It all seemed so 'woo-woo'. And at times I simply wanted to run from the room and hide. But the next day when I regained my footing, things were different. My interactions with people were different. My thoughts were different. My comprehension of songs was different. And to this day, I find myself talking to my Soul and asking it to stay with me, to make me strong, to make me calm. Sounds corny, but it's absolutely true. Sera, thank you for a wonderful day and a wonderful gift.

- Carolyn Cook

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"Wow, that one Saturday Sera rocked my world with a Soul was truly amazing and life changing. It was true, authentic, raw, soul realness and absolutely moved me to tears. A deeply touching and beautiful experience. As Sera and her soul spent time with each of us and our souls, we learned, supported, loved, grew, and opened to new levels. For the first time, I learned how to truly sit with my soul. To feel, sense, and listen to her. And to watch Sera truly embody her! What an amazing and angelic presence she is. Sera helped my soul with some of it's uncertainties/weaknesses/fears. As a result, I feel more courageous and stronger than ever. I am so grateful for the time we shared and the gifts of each moment. I can now, at any moment, choose to embody and live from my soul. WHAT A GIFT!"

- Natalie Earnhardt

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"The morning of the Soul Saturation retreat, even before meeting Sera, I unexplainably wept from a deep holy place for hours. It was gentle and sweet, a remembrance, a letting go, a coming home, an end of a journey of searching, and crossing over into a sacred place of embodiment. Her integrity, intentionality, honesty, and bad ass Holy self creates such a powerful container for transformation that my journey with her began even before I arrived at the retreat. Being with Sera ignited a deep remembrance and connection with my Soul and our sacred Service that I had buried and hidden from over the years. I am forever transformed by such a powerful, holy, and sacred experience. To be with another human who embodies Love in such an authentic way as Sera does is life changing."

- Kathleen McIntyre

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"I recently attend a Soul Saturation with Sera Beak and the English language does not contain strong enough words to convey the awesomeness and the bigness of the experience I had that day and continue to have. But I will try. 

In essence, we met our souls that day. Some of us for the first time (me) and some of us it was a deepening, a further coming home. The experience for me was a lot of things and some of them opposites at the same time. It was joyful, sensuous, strong and intense. There was sadness and compassion and a sense of FINALLY!!

Other spiritual events I've attended often aim to help people transcend our bodies and this life. The Soul Saturation was quite the opposite. It was about finally coming home to ourselves and embodying who we are absolutely fully without any filters or walls. I didn't think I was entirely capable but my soul helped me along with utter complete love that I have never felt before. It's about getting all the juiciness and more out of this life. No holding back, no excuses, being fully soul and fully human.

I also want to say a few words about Sera's presence as a teacher, guide, and facilitator of this experience. She came to us fully present with her soul at the forefront and showed us all of who she was. When she was working with us soul to soul, I have rarely experienced the level of presence and focus that she brought. Her Beingness allowed all of us to Be completely there in that moment with our souls dancing and playing and being free.

Since the Soul Saturation with Sera, I have continued to deepen my own relationship with my soul and I am acutely aware of when I am trying to live from a non-soul led place. Life has become an amazingly fun guided, trusting journey that I am on with my soul. Can't wait to find out what's next."

- Dr. Sara O'Neill

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"Oh, the luxury of a day wholly focused on loving attentiveness for the radiance of your core. It felt so respectful to sink in, soak up, and learn to listen with more discriminating ears to your own internal calls. Such a beautiful experience. Thank you, Sera."

- Kimberly Higney

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"I went to this Soul Saturation knowing it would be something special but I was also very nervous and maybe even afraid. I’m not a big fan of feeling vulnerable and exposed! But I had my protective veil with me, my two amazing daughters! I would be safe hiding behind being “mom”. I was right, for a minute.

The energy in the room was like nothing I've ever felt before. Powerful. I tried to put labels on what I was feeling but I couldn’t. I felt my veil slipping away. NOT GOOD! So I chose to hold on tighter and do what came naturally to me. To witness with an open heart and find peace in the healing going on around me.

For hours I watched and listened and felt. Watched, listened, felt. People were opening, discovering, celebrating… I felt relief for them and especially for my oldest daughter. I have watched her battle with herself for too many years. “I’m not good enough”, “if I were only…” and on and on. I saw a shift. A discovery of something within her. Beyond her body. Like an awakening. I saw this over and over during this Soul Saturation! It was so beautiful, kind of overwhelming, and as I said earlier I felt relief and I couldn’t really explain why. There was something else though, it was a little painful for me personally (under my veil). Maybe that was my ego wishing for that same joyful discovery of my soul that I was witnessing all around me. But then I thought, I saw my first born child really seeing herself in all of her perfect pure beauty and that was all I needed! What a gift! And talk about relief!

Throughout this day I had these little inklings of peace, calm, and knowing without really knowing why. At one point Sera gave us the opportunity to share what we were experiencing and then guided us in listening… really listening to what our Soul was telling us. This was towards the end of the day, but for me it was the beginning. What I FELT was sadness that I hadn’t had this blissful discovery of my soul. What I HEARD, and continue to hear is this… She had never left. I actually heard her laugh, (seriously, I really did!) like a playful little girl. Innocent and full of love and joy. “I’ve been waiting right here silly…”

I thought that watching my beautiful daughters have this experience was gift enough. Little did I know the gift that was waiting for me. I said hello to my soul. My lovely, bright, playful, beautiful soul and she said “I missed you, come play…” so I continue every day to do the work (and it is work!). To pay attention, listen, feel and love. (oh, and not hide under my veil!)

Sera Beak… You are a gift to every one of us. Thank you for being so brave and sharing your beautiful red heart and soul. We are blessed."

-  Lisa

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"I feel more connected to my soul through Soul Saturation. The process went deeper than I had imagined. Sera made it clear from the beginning we needed to connect to our heart and not our head. Dropping down into my heart focused my emotions into what I was really feeling. I focused on my true self – my heart self – not what my head tells me is my “true” self. Processing after the weekend took much longer. I needed to be alone with my soul. The Lady really worked me over. I needed to look deep inside my heart to process the concepts Sera brought to my attention about myself. My soul relationship is stronger. I am more in my body than ever before. Normally I don’t remember dreams. Now when I wake up I remember more. Some are strange. Some are fun. Some are messages from my soul nudging me to focus on a certain aspect of my life. My Soul Saturation experience was enlightening. I feel more connected today with my soul than ever before. I am grateful to Sera for going soul to soul with me."

- Gaynelle Ihms

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"Sera’s Soul Saturation Retreat was filled with incomparable healing and grace for me. At the retreat, I began writing the first chapter of my own love story with my soul. I never really fully felt the concept that my soul is my ultimate lover until my work with Sera. With Sera’s workshop I felt like I started to fall in love with my soul. It felt and still feels crazy, vulnerable, messy, confusing, scary, but also completely wonderful all at the same time.

Sera helped illuminate times where I have shut down parts of myself. Those are the parts of me that if I'm being honest I really would do almost anything not to have to face. Through Sera’s work she helped me to start to embrace all parts of myself …including the tough stuff. This soul road that Sera helped guide us on is not an easy journey but it is a journey that for me has been completely life altering. She has helped me come home to my own soul, the one who’s been waiting for me all this time. I am filled with such gratitude for her bravery, presence, and amazing leadership."

- Carly K

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"Sera's explanation of the difference between soul and spirit was the best I have come across, particularly how she expanded on the space between the two, which gave me a better understanding of the word nous. Physically, I went to a yin yoga class right after the Soul Saturation weekend - and after a 6-hour flight - and came up from the mat realizing it was the most embodied I had ever felt, specifically because Sera had directed me to a better sense of soul. Sera's clarity and inspired compelling voice in her book, Red Hot and Holy helped me identify what had been shut off or atrophied inside for so long. Her Soul Saturation workshop was a wonderful complement to her extraordinary book, one that helps ground the experience with practice."

- Don Hudson

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"I did a Soul Saturation with Sera Beak a few months ago and it was life changing. My soul is still singing loudly with joy. Sera's bold honoring of her own Red Lady, her grace, her gentleness and her fierceness created a profoundly healing and transformative space for my own unique gifts to fully emerge. I am so grateful for Sera and her heartfelt work."

- Wendy Swanson

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"Sera Beak is a game changer on the planet right now. Amidst a time in the world of mass exploration, one may even call it obsessiveness and/or addiction, of Spirit & Oneness, Sera reminds us to also wake up to our Soul & Uniqueness. She is what I call 'the real deal'- raw, grounded, sincere, funny, steady, fierce and sweet all at once. Her love and yearning for connection with Soul is palpable in her presence. She is a profoundly selfless giver of what she Knows from her very intimate journey with her Soul, and is the biggest cheerleader for others to dive in just as deep, or even deeper, with theirs. Her yearning for others to do this is rich and thick, as she knows it is also imminent. She walks her Truth, she shares her Truth, she breathes her Truth and we are blessed she is alive and sharing her gifts with us in the way She does. She is an incredible space holder and with great love and patient, yet precise, encouragement, she will walk you into your Soul, if you are willing. Say yes to Sera Beak and say yes to being saturated with your soul and launched into the greatest love affair of your life!"

- Brooks Holland Haislip

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