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Soul Fire Retreat

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"Soul Fire called forth a level of authenticity that is humbling and terrifying and fierce and pure and beautiful. Get ready to be challenged in all of the ways that scare you. And loved in all of the ways that heal you. You will be asked - again and again - to connect with your Soul. Sometimes it will be beautiful. Other times it will be devastating. I recommend this retreat to anyone who is ready to connect with themselves on a deep level - a level that will hurt and heal. But you have to be ready to toss out the bullshit and you have to be all in."
- Bethany

Soul Fire Women's Retreat

July 26th – August 1st 2020
Bend of Ivy Lodge
Asheville, North Carolina

Limited number of participants and by application only

About the Soul Fire Retreat

photo: mountain view
Blue Ridge Mountains outside Asheville

This fiery feminine retreat has one purpose:

to help you create a more intimate, dynamic, and radically real relationship with

your Soul.

Your Soul is the Center of your center,

the You of you

– your distinct and sovereign divinity, which is directly connected to

All That Is.

Your Soul is your guidance and grace,

your deepest knowing and your toughest truth,

your best-friend and

Your Beloved.

Your Soul’s love for you is unmatched by anyone or anything else in this entire Universe.

When you ignite your Soul Fire,

you don’t just believe,

you know

on every level of your being and in every cell of your beautiful body that

You are the One you’ve been looking for all along.

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This retreat will be lead by your Soul, but facilitated by Sera

The co-facilitator of this Retreat is Mama Earth.

You will be enriched and elevated by the alchemy of the sacred land.

You will metamorphosize in the cocoon of serene Blue Ridge mountains.

There is a river to swim in, trails to explore, gorgeous land to lay upon, an organic farm and goats (!)

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While relaxing and recharging, a Soul Fire retreat ain’t messing around.

Be willing to Go There

After all, you’re not here to play it safe, you’re here to start fires.

Burn baby, Burn

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For Serious Souls Only

Soul Fire Retreats are not for “dabblers.” They are for those who are willing to make their relationship with their Soul a priority. We dive deep, burn hot and go right to the core. In order to know who we truly are, we have to face what we have placed in the way of our truth. In order to reclaim our sovereignty we have to admit how we have given our power away. In order to embody our souls we have to say "yes" to all aspects of ourselves (our light and dark, our perfection and imperfection, our humanity and our divinity).

In other words, Incarnating Divine Love on this planet ain’t for the faint of heart. It’s an ever-evolving sacred practice, a never-ending process of surrender, a life-long journey and a radical act of Service. What we do on this retreat is not just for our Soul, but for every Soul in existence.

To be even clearer: Soul Fire Retreats offer no glittering promises or guarantees, like: Happiness! Peace! Health! Hot Sexy Goddess Boom Boom Wow Wow! Finding Your Purpose! Manifesting Your Dreams! Professional Success! Enlightenment!

Our souls have WAY bigger game. (yes, even bigger than "enlightenment")

To help us “play” in this Holy Field, we need an authentic sisterhood of wild support, mama nature, dancing, devotion, and a ridiculous sense of humor. I’m serious about the humor.

Bottom Line: The Soul path isn’t about getting what you want.

It’s about giving Who you are… without the need for a return.

Because that hole you’ve been constantly trying to fill with everything outside of you,

is finally full with all the Love inside you.

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Before You Apply

  1. Ask your Soul if this is the right Retreat for you at this time in your life - and pay attention to signs, dreams, synchronicities, your feelings.
  2. Read all of Red Hot and Holy  (please read the entire book BEFORE you apply). 
    *Recommended reading: Redvelations: A Soul’s Journey to Becoming Human
  3. Read all of the testimonials and blog posts of past participants.

Read the Testimonials

How to Apply

  1. Complete all three Before You Apply steps. (listed above)
  2. Tell me why you would like to attend this retreat in an email or attached Word doc.
    Please put time and energy into your application, but don't worry about spelling or grammar or sounding a certain way. There is no right answer. Just write as honestly as possible. Only I will be reading these.
  3. Send application to:  (subject "Soul Fire Retreat").
  4. If it's a match, I will email you back with the logistics.
photo: mountain sunset
Blue Ridge sunset from
photo: pond
Bend of Ivy swimming pond with koi fish
photo: labyrinth
Bend of Ivy Labyrinth
photo: mountain trail
Bend of Ivy Land
Da Goats
The Goats
photo: river
Bend of Ivy River
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