“Seeing Sera on stage and listening to her speak, you could hear a pin drop in the audience… her being carried a stunning presence that captured the attention of everyone in the audience.  Soft spoken with profound eloquence, sometimes humor and always with a depth that propels the listener even deeper,
Sera is like a dynamic painting radiating expansive opportunity right into your heart and soul.”
– Georgia Dow, Integrative Healing Arts.

Emerging Women Power Party – San Francisco – Sera Beak from Emerging Women on Vimeo.

Sera Beak “Living Your Divine Love Story” from Sounds True on Vimeo.

Sera Beak “Soul Fire: Burn, Baby Burn” for Emerging Women Live 2013 from serabeak on Vimeo.

“In All Fears And Trembling Boldness: Unleashing Your Soul’s Voice” by Sera Beak for Emerging Women Live 2014 from serabeak on Vimeo.