The Red Book of Chakras

The Red Book of Chakras

The Red Book of Chakras: Your Spiritual Superpowers of Central IntelligenceTRBofChakras

(Note: This is the book I started to write four years ago before my ass got kicked by the Universe. While my writing style, tone, and focus have changed since then, this book still packs a power-full punch of She-force and that’s why I’m sharing it with you. Enjoy!)

You might have heard about chakras – the seven energy centers located in your subtle energy body – from your yoga teacher, massage therapist, or even Oprah, but what exactly does a smart, busy, modern woman do with her chakras? A lot. You see, chakras are like incredibly precise, glossy guidebooks to how you uniquely function, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and even physically, and therefore learning how to work with this central intelligence system will transform how you relate to life – from your relationships to career, finances to sexuality, health to spirituality.

Your crown chakra (center of divine inspiration) is most likely tingling in anticipation…

This fiery inspiring ebook offers:

  • a brief but bold history of chakras (from ancient India to modern America)
  • illuminating detailed summaries of each chakra (peppered with plenty of relatable personal examples) so you know just how these inner power centers are affecting your life
  • serious and playful suggestions for amping up your chakra health
  • simple but powerful creative exercises so you can learn how to harmonize, clear, and work with your chakras directly and effectively


  • while each chakra is described by its traditional Sanskrit name, the Hindu meaning, the location in the body, it’s also defined in this refreshing ebook by a rock song, a cocktail, and well, a Muppet (that’s right, of the Jim Henson variety)
  • because this is a “red book” it is fabulously focused on the sacred feminine and written specifically for modern women

Did you feel that? I just blew a kiss to your heart chakra

This is more than an ebook, it’s a resource you will return to again and again. A lot of information is jam-packed into 72 pages, please digest slowly. Bottom line: You’ll be astounded that you’ve lived this long without knowing your self in this intimate and empowering way.


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