The Red Book

“GORGEOUS! The Red Book is a deep, smart, and authentic guide
to being more indelibly and powerfully yourself.”
– SARK author/artist, Succulent Wild Woman

Sera Beak The Red BookThe Red Book is nothing less than a spiritual fire starter—a combustible cocktail of Hindu Tantra and Zen Buddhism, Rumi and Carl Jung, Kali and Mary Magdalene, goddesses and psychics, shaken with cosmic nudges, meaningful subway rides, haircuts, relationships, sex, dreams, and intuition. It’s a book that encourages women to live more consciously so they can start making clearer choices across the board, from careers to relationships, politics to pop culture and everything in between. For smart, gutsy, spiritually curious women whose colorful and complicated lives aren’t reflected in most spirituality books, The Red Book is an open invitation for women to find their true selves and start sharing that delicious truth with the world.



Sera Beak Rose

“The Red Book wrests spirituality from the death grip of the humorless believers and restores it to its wild natural state. If you’re hungry for real magic but allergic to self-righteous jive, sit yourself down at this feast.” – Rob Brezsny, Pronoia

“Don’t be fooled. This book may taste like a juicy pomegranate, but what’s really going on here is nothing short of a revolution. Sera Beak’s radical call is for young women to start believing in themselves, to trust and use their innate spiritual authority, and to understand that authentic power can never come from anything or anyone else. Beak writes out of her years of academic study, her participation in diverse spiritual practices from the East and West, and importantly, her personal and intuitive experience. Beak’s knowledge is far-reaching. Her lightness of being is worth taking seriously.” – China Galland, professor, Graduate Theological Union; The Bond Between Women

“Sera Beak’s Red Book is a woman-wise, grrl power, rosy red and unabashed hands-on road guide to grabbing our relationship with enlightenment by the scruff and riding it hard, all the way to ecstasy.”  – LaSara W. Firefox, sexual r/evolutionary; Sexy Witch

“Every so often there comes our way a glorious chunk of life so utterly unique that even the jaded blink twice. The Red Book is just such a chunk, gloriously dropped out of the mind of Sera Beak as a special message for today’s contemporary woman in the language of just such a woman, placing before us the wisdom of the ages. From gentle meditation to bouncing sexuality and much in between, the path to personal rejuvenation through the enlivening of the heart, mind, and spirit is laid out in such refreshing, sparkling, effervescent words that what results is a psychic shower for the soul. Get naked, get in, get wet. You’ll never feel as clean.” – Neale Donal Walsch, Conversations With God

“Particularly timely…Sera Beak has a beautiful gift of writing that turns sometimes difficult material into simple–but not simplistic–anecdotes for living a more profound life. This is a wise and wonderful book that reminds young women that life is not a rehearsal but rather a magnificent spiritual journey to be lived and expereinced to the fullest. Read this book but, more importantly, apply it!” – Baron Bapitiste, yoga teacher, educator; Journey into Power

“Smart, stylish, divine! I love this hip guide to exploring your creative spirituality. If you’ve ever hoped and prayed that there’s more to life than shopping, dating, and dieting, you’re going to dig this book.” – Cameron Tuttle, The Bad Girl’s Guide to Getting What You Want

“Beak’s vision is a modern, femme fatale spirituality. The book lives up to its “unorthodox” subtitle, advocating that young women search for the spiritual in all things.” – Publishers Weekly