Sera Beak
rose in the middle of a triquetra

Deep down,
where our truth burns bright,
we know we cannot be of Service,
we cannot truly Love,
we cannot fully come Alive,
if we don’t embrace and embody our Soul.

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“This, ladies and gentlemen, is what the Divine Feminine looks and feels like
—embodied, immediate, down-to-earth, and completely accessible. Bravo, Sera Beak!”
—Christiane Northrup, MD, author of the New York Times bestseller
Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

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“Sera embraces the whole of soul-life with fearless and often hilarious directness,
from the most harrowing plunges into the depths of emptiness
to the most intimate reunion with the Sacred Self.”
- Mirabai Starr, author of Wild Mercy and translator of Dark Night of the Soul

The Red Book
“Every so often
there comes our way
a glorious chunk of life
so utterly unique
that even the jaded
blink twice.”
- Neale Donald Walsch
author of Conversations with God
"a living revelation,
an American Gnostic gospel
posing as a spiritual memoir.”
- Jeffrey J. Kripal,
author of Authors of the Impossible
“This is blood and fire and love.
In Redvelations soul is speaking.
Hallelujah and fuck yes.”
- Jacob Nordby,
author of Blessed Are the Weird
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Author, Speaker, Soul Igniter

“Sera Beak is the brightest light in the next generation of red hot spiritual activists. She breaks rules and smashes stigmas in order to wake up and ignite the deepest part of our Divine selves.”
- Kris Carr, New York Times bestselling author and Wellness Activist

Photo of Sera Beak

I’m Sera Beak, a world-traveled, Harvard trained scholar of comparative world religions, best-selling author, speaker, and Soul Igniter. I’ve been called “a flesh-bound instrument of cosmic love torture” by the novelist Tom Robbins and one of the “new role models” for my generation by The New York Times. My work has been featured in sources ranging from People to Spirituality and Health magazines and on Oprah radio.

I help reignite an intimate, embodied, and radically real relationship with the Soul through my books, retreats, talks, and private sessions. When we consciously reconnect with our Soul, we come back to Life, transform this planet, and incarnate the most powerful Force in this Universe – True Love.

“Sera Beak is a fount of guerrilla splendor, a tender blast of reverent insurgency,
a healing vortex of shocking beauty, a wildly disciplined devotee of freaky purity,
and an uproarious dispenser of ethical mischief.
I salute her with a playfully prayerful fist waving in the dream-inflamed sky.”
- Rob Brezsny, author of Pronoia:
How the Whole World is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings

p.s. I have an affinity for animals, bloopers, subtle realms, and swear words.

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“There is some grand art in the work of Sera Beak,
go for it; grab hold, dance, fly, applaud life.”
- Daniel Ladinsky, bestselling author of The Gift: Poems by Hafiz

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“Sera Beak blazes with bold and flowing passion for the direct mystic transmission
and primal creative power of the sacred feminine.”
– Shiva Rea, yogini


The Soul Space
November 2019 – April, 2020
A monthly online Soul Group for previous Soul Fire retreat participants

Women of Wisdom
Keynote Talk and Workshop
February 14th-16th, 2020
Seattle, WA

Soul Sanctuary Retreat
(for previous Soul Fire retreat participants only)
May 24th- 30th, 2020
Asheville, NC

Soul Fire Retreat
July 26th-August 1st, 2020
Asheville, NC